Monday, August 22, 2011

Unlimited seafood ala-carte lunch from SGD23.80 - abalone included!

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Unlimited, all you can eat seafood, poultry and beef. Choose from 40 dishes and keep ordering until your stomach bursts, and all from SGD23.80. Sound too good to be true?

We thought so too, so we decided to go try it out! It's at the Seafood International Market & Restaurant over at Big Splash over at the East Coast Park. There are a total of 40 dishes on offer and it's on an unlimited ala-carte style - i.e., your portions are only cooked after you place your order. We only managed to try 13 dishes before our stomachs gave way though ... here are the pictures!

Conclusions? The food is overall, just "okay." None of the dishes we tried were particularly delicious or outstanding ... so it's pretty standard for a buffet - quantity over quality! It's still definitely worth a trip once in a while, though, if for nothing else than to quaff cheap sharks fin, scallops, prawns and abalone! Shark fin could be 'vegetarian' version though ... if you know what I mean ;)

Side note: Of the forty dishes, 12 of them can only be ordered once per table. Check out the full list of dishes available on their PDF menu/brochure:

Lunch is SGD23.80 on weekdays and SGD25.80 on weekends. Probably easiest to just take a taxi here as there's very limited bus service.


  1. damned, seems cheap even after convert the price!

    and lol at 'vegetarian' dong fan shark fin

  2. Well nowadays I see restaurants advertising vegetarian shark fin man. Such a nice way to say fake shark fin :P