Sunday, August 14, 2011

Steaks, Lamb, Burgers and more at Mad Jack Cafe (Bedok)

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Pictures first! Starting with a couple of juices - Complexion Enhancer (guava, orange, cucumber) and Sports Energy Booster (lemon, orange, pineapple, apple) - SGD4.50 each.

MJ Carnivore - SGD21.90 for a trio of chicken, fish, and rib-eye steak with black pepper sauce:

Grilled Lamb (SGD12.90) with brown sauce, also available with black pepper sauce:

The most confusing thing about Mad Jack Cafe is the amount of people eating there. The restaurant had easily 20-30 tables occupied when we were there. Confusing, because the food was bad. Juices were very diluted and might as well have been 'flavored water.' Despite ordering 'medium,' our steak and lamb came very, very well done. As in the entire slabs of meat were grey and dry, and hence also tough and tasteless. Service is rather non-existent (they make you order at the counter, semi fast-food style) and the place is loud and noisy.

So why do so many people come here? Maybe the burgers are good. Or the pasta (which we didn't try). In any case though, this one meal was enough for us to actually feel cheated, so we'll never come back.

Mad Jack has five locations throughout Singapore - Bukit Timah, Jalan Kayu, Simpang Bedok, White Sands and nex. Check out their website for the full addresses.

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