Monday, August 15, 2011

Sublime desserts til 2am ... at the 2am Dessert Bar (Holland V)!

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Show me a man who doesn't enjoy desserts, and you show me a man who doesn't enjoy life. I made that up, I think. Honestly though I haven't met anyone who doesn't like desserts. Yes, we all have different preferences in dessert - some of us like it hot, some sweet, some savory. My theory is that they appeal to the little kid inside of us - you know, back 20 or 30 years ago when desserts were the 'reward' for finishing your vegetables.

So when the darling found out about this dessert place serving only desserts, wah, of course must try! The joint is called 2 am Dessert Bar (they open til 2am), it's at Holland V, and is the brainchild of Chef Janice Wong. Who's got an impressive resume. The restaurant is very dim and cozy and perfect for a pak toh session. Just remember to call ahead to make reservations for the couch so you can cuddle :)

Anyways, we start with sharing a Hot Chocolate (SGD10.00) with home-made churros. Churros are kind of a light fluffy sugared Spanish donut. Hot chocolate was nice, thick and creamy, although it might be a bit of an acquired taste for some.

No such qualms for the Twix (peanut crumble, caramel mousse, chocolate ice cream, SGD16.00) which is a perfect blend of textures and tastes. Heavenly!

I'd also use the same word to describe the Tiramisu (SGD16.00) which comes with kahlua jelly and expresso ice cream, had just the right sogginess level. Adding on the kahlua makes it even better, although sadly it does also make it non-halal.

Overall, very, very nice place to come chill out and chat after dinner. Prices are somewhat high and yet reasonable - after all the desserts are fine-dining-level stuff. Each one even comes with a suggested wine pairing on the menu!

In Holland V, it's at the end of the road towards the carpark / hawker centre, nestled in a corner on the 2nd floor. They're open 6pm-2am every day except Sunday. Do call ahead at +65 6291 9727 otherwise you don't get the nice comfy sofa and have to sit at the bar instead.


  1. The Twix looks good~ Both of you must have left 2am with chocolate high. =)

  2. We wanted to stay longer! But we didn't make reservations so the comfy couch seats were all taken, sadly. Sitting at the bar not so comfortable for me long term.