Monday, August 22, 2011

Sandwiches Exploration ::: Cheddar Cheese Toast

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Yums……………this is for those who are crazy over CHEESE!!!!!!!!! Like me…!?!?

*Cheddar Cheese Toast 1

All you need is
2 slice of White Toast to make each sandwich
Cheddar “flakes”.

Step 1: Heat Non-stick Pan to Low heat.
Step 2: Melt Butter.
Step 3: Toast in 2 slice of white bread for 30seconds to heat the bread.
Step 4: Turn 1 around only and generously put the Cheddar “flakes” in the middle and spread them around slightly so you can bite cheddar in every bites of this toast.
Step 5: Place the other toasted side of the other slice of white bread on top of the Cheddar “flakes”. This is so the heat will melt the Cheese…. Yumss…. Almost there!
Step 6: Melt a little more butter on the empty side of the pan, then flip to toast the untoasted side. Sprinkle some cheddar on top, for the crisps. Turn it over and continue letting it toast for 1min. Sprinkle some Cheddar flakes while waiting.
Step 7: Flip over and toast for another 1min.
Step 8: Sliced the sandwich in triangle half shape & serve hot.

I particularly love this sandwich… will share more of the crazy cheese toast and other sandwiches I made when I was a kid with all of you some day.

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Have fun….

*Cheddar Cheese Toast 2

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