Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ah Khai Famous Char Siew Chicken Rice

Short, sweet and simple update - the darling and I dropped by Ah Khai Famous Char Siew Chicken Rice in Taman Paramount. It's a stall located in a coffee shop named Restoran Simon's Delights, and the stall owner apparently learnt the "art" of roasting all the way in Hong Kong.

Obviously ... we order the Char Siew (MYR6.50/pax). One bite and we understand why this stall has been featured in The Star (newspaper clipping proudly on display). The serving portion is generous and the meat is tender, but the best part is by far the skin which is the perfect balance of caramellized sweetness and BBQ charring.

If anything though, I would recommend not to order the pun fei sou (half fat lean) - our portions turned out to be 75% fats, which was a tad bit too fatty for our tastes.

Ah Khai Famous Char Siew Chicken Rice
Restoran Simon Delight
No. 63, Jalan 20/7,
Taman Paramount


  1. read a lot about this. but have yet to try out ><

  2. The real address has been moved to the location near the old place. The current & above address is a fake one now. The new location is of "Ah Khai Famous Char Siew Chicken Rice" is at the "Restoran Mei Yen."