Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spaghetti Farm at Mid Valley Megamall

In a break from all my previous posts, here's a review of an eating place ... that sucks - The Spaghetti Farm which has opened somewhat recently in Mid Valley Megamall.

They seem to market themselves as a healthy italian food shop but ... in reality it's nothing more than just fast food-style spaghetti. They've got a simple menu of spaghetti with something like eight different sauces. It's MYR12.00 for a set meal of spaghetti, soup and a drink.

We try two different soups - Mushroom and Chicken, which turn out to be tasteless and starchy, almost as if the soup was watered down and starched up to save money. Even Pizza Hut's soup tastes better.

We try Beef and Cheese, and Beef Bolognese. Despite being very hungry I couldn't finish my bowl, and the darling didn't even get halfway through hers.

And there you have it. MYR12.00 isn't even good value, considering you could get a way better pasta for a couple of dollars more in Prego (after 50% SP discount of course ^_^). Don't ever come here to eat.

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