Friday, May 28, 2010

Set Dinner at Living Room, Westin KL

Part of the Starwood Privilege Card's benefits are three complimentary dining vouchers for two, so the darling and I take a short drive to the Living Room, Westin KL. On a non food-related note, love the design on the ceiling:

The customary bread before the meal. Rather odd choice of 'western' style breads, seeing as the menu is all Malay food.

Anyway we have the Signature Set Dinner for May ($98.00), which is one-and-a-half person's portion of:

- crisp spring chicken with malay herbs
- braised short ribs in malay spices gravy
- grilled king prawn, spice turmeric coconut floss
- seabass and scallop with spice chili paste
- salted egg, fish crackers, cucumber with steam fragrant rice

It's a lot of food, and certainly more than enough unless you're a very very heavy eater. We like the ribs (mutton) and the chicken, which were delicious, juicy and tender. Fish and prawn were a bit less yummy.

Dessert is cinnamon fritters with sweet creamy durian gravy. Neither of us are durian eaters, so in hindsight we should have actually read the menu and requested a different choice of dessert :(

Judging from the pricing, I'm guessing this is pretty much Malay fine dining. But apart from the service (good) and the ambience (classy), the cuisine although delicious wasn't all that different from ... well, from any other Malay-style restaurant.

So ... if you're coming here for free or on a heavy discount then you'll have a satisfying feast, but I find it hard to justify paying over MYR100 for the meal.

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