Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dessert Exploration ::: Ginkgo Nuts + Barley + Fu Chok (白果薏米)

100g of Candied Winter Melon
1/2 cup of Barley
8 to 10 Gingko Nuts
1/4 packet of Dried Bean Curd Skin (pre-soaked to soften)
1L of Filtered Water

Step 1 Wash the Barley thoroughly and boil it for 20mins. While it's boiling break up the pre-soaked Dried Bean Curd Skin.
Step 2 Put in the Candied Winter Melon and Gingko Nuts and boil for another 20-30mins until everything is soft.
Step 3 Preferably served hot. However it can be served chilled too!

Deary mentioned that prefer Big Chunky Candied Winter Melon will not slice then up the next round.


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