Monday, September 16, 2013

Tasty Butterscotch Croutons for any soup topping

The reason why our Croutons post is Butterscotch. Is because we love Butterscotch Croutons because it gives a sweet flavor, you can use Plain slice bread, Raisin sliced bread, etc of your liking. Hope this little tip works well in your kitchen.

2 slices of Butterscotch Bread

Pre-heat the oven to 140°C.

Diced up the croutons and scatter it into a baking pan.

Let it bake until it turns golden brown.

Dish it into a small bowl for your family or guest to pour into their soup. The longest we stored in a air-tight container is less then 1 week. Of coz freshly baked up is always the best!

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