Monday, May 2, 2011

Sandwiches Exploration ::: Flaky Tuna Mayo Croissant

Simple few steps idea here for you today! It's so easy to make why would you want to spend your money at Délifrance or any cafe just to have it?
Tuna Croissant

1 bag of Croissants from any supermarket
1 tin of chunks Tuna in Water/Oil
4 tablespoons of Mayonnaise
2 Diced Shallots
sliced Tomatoes

1. Warm up the Croissant in an oven at 160 degrees for 3-5mins.
2. Make 2 holes on the tin & drain, we do not want to press on the tuna to drain totally as we want the tuna flavor to be kept. Open the whole can & put the tuna into a bowl. Press the tuna with a fork to make them flaky then mix in the Shallots and Mayonnaise till even. The Tuna Filling is ready!
3. Take out the Croissant and slice it in half leaving about 5mm away from the other end.
4. Place a layer of lettuce in then spread the tuna mayo generously. Next put 2-3 slices of tomatoes. Close it & the sandwich is DONE! (Be careful not to open too wide, we don't want the Croissant to split.)

Since I have been always thinking sandwich is healthy and does not have so much calories, I have doubts that actually this Tuna Croissant has little so again google tells me that it all depends on the mayo used, approximately 550. As, Croissants are made out of a lot of butter adding on with the mayo and the tuna has oil too.

Simple & easy to make... who cares so much about the calories it gives it's a delicious sandwich to have! It can be eaten for breakfast or lunch!

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  1. sure looks tasty! yeah, using croissants probably means it wouldn't be as healthy as a wholemeal bread sandwich, but i think croissants do work better, since they have a nice buttery feel and more interesting texture! :D

  2. Do u sell this?