Friday, June 17, 2011

Sandwiches Exploration IV ::: Bacon, Grilled Ham, Hash Browns, Egg, Salad Sandwich

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Been a while since I stack up my own sandwich! Here is another magical combination for a sandwich. This time around I've stack up my sandwich @ the hotel breakfast buffet.

Bacon, Grilled Ham, Hash Browns, Egg, Salad Sandwich-1

All you need :::
2 sliced of lightly toasted White Bread
3 pieces of Bacon
3 half Grilled Ham
1 Sunny Side-Up Egg
1 Hash Brown
Some mixed Salad Vegetable top with a little White Salad Sauce

First, visit the toast session grab & lightly toast my White Bread, then head around and stack. However, you may notice that actually my Hash Brown, Salad, Top White Bread is set aside. There is a reason!

I in love with SCS Salted Butter, stack up the Hash Browns, Place the Salad.... then on the top bread i actually spread it with 1mm thick of butter...yummsss~!!!!!!!

It's seriously heavenly to start off the day.

This it how it looks when you slice it up in half! See the Sunny Side Up Yolk leaking out when the sandwich is dragged apart... ^^

Bacon, Grilled Ham, Hash Browns, Egg, Salad Sandwich-2

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  1. DIY-sandwich at a hotel brekkie buffet! genius! i'd just add a few of slices of tomato to that, but looks like it's good to go already! =)

  2. hahaha~ i also wanted to....
    there was grilled tomatoes... the slices too too thick (1.5cm)... dun think i can open my mouth so wide to bite if i put... sadly no fresh tomatoes at the salad bar... =[