Friday, June 10, 2011

Big Tree Lin Kee (大树头连记) Steam Fish Head in Taman Connaught

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Happy very belated Mother's Day! Two of our families took my grandma out for a (grand) mother's day luncheon a couple weeks ago - to a pretty famous restaurant in Taman Connaught - Big Tree Lin Kee (大树头连记) Steam Fish Head Restaurant! It's named big tree because, well, because it's under a big tree :)

Without further ado ... on to the food! Starting off with the coconut chicken soup. These soups are made with chicken and herbs, and the entire coconut is stuffed into the steamer/boiler so there's a coconutty aftertaste.

As the restaurant is well known for its' fish head, we have three varieties! Assam, ginger and black bean kicap. My favorite by far was the black bean kicap one. Assam was OK, but I didn't like the ginger one. Cos I just simply don't like ginger overall.

We also had some yong tau foo, which was mediocre overall except for the plain white tau foo (which was just plain bad).

Green beans fried with roasted pork. This one was decently tasty.

Ham yu fah lam pou - Claypot meat with salted meat ... only ordinary.

Deep fried tofu ... these were of the 'seafood' variety - i.e. not really tofu, so I'm not sure why it's named as such.

Overall, other than the fish heads which were fresh and pretty well cooked, the rest of the dishes were mostly average. Factor in the price and it's a pretty good draw though - all that food and we ended up paying something like RM17 per person.

The restaurant is in Taman Connaught, near the old UCSI campus. You have to go through some side alleys / back streets to get there that aren't on the map though, so I've just circled the estimated location.

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  1. heh, i guess that tree must be really safe and strong, since it manages to withstand all the fierce rainstorms we've had lately! :D i like fish head too, especially the glutinous eyes! that's the first part i aim for =)