Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chili, Nachos and Mexican Wings - Muchos Mexican Bar & Restaurant!

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First Mexican Restaurant review! *celebratory drum roll* ... we're at Muchos Mexican Bar & Restaurant, one of the many eateries/watering holes along the Clarke Quay makan area. Most people sit outside beside the water, but we prefer the indoors where there's air-conditioning and no second hand smoke :)

We place our orders, and the moment the food comes we realize we've made a mistake - the appetizers are huge and can qualify for a full meal in themselves. Starting with the Beef Nachos (SGD17.90), a sinful concoction of corn chips slathered with beef, guacamole, cheese, salsa and sliced jalapeños. Heavenly.

The Mexican Fried Chicken Wings (SGD14.90) are perhaps a bit more ordinary. They're still pretty good, but don't really taste particularly Mexican.

Our only main course of the night was the Chilli Con Carne (SGD18.90) - served with a choice of nachos or rice, which turns out to be great! Tasty chunky marinated meat with just the right proportion of beans - miles better than the wannabe chilli that you'd get at Wendy's or Carl's Jr (yes that's not a very fair comparison).

After drinks and taxes, SGD73.80 for two people is pretty reasonable for the amount of food that we got. While we haven't tried other places around the area to know how Muchos stacks up against them, on this one meal we would certainly come back!

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  1. gosh, we haven't had a new mexican restaurant in kl for ages! it's probably been more than a year since i last ate nachos :D