Monday, June 13, 2011

New York Desserts that aren't actually from New York - NYDC Cafe!

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Asians love to eat. Doesn't matter if it's at a roadside hawker stall, or an upmarket fine dining place with fancy terms such as amuse bouche or carpaccio - good food is as important to us as clothing and shelter over our heads. And in the "restaurant" category, Singapore is probably the country that most embodies the concept of 'live to eat.' I mean, where else in the world can you find a 5-story shopping mall where more than two-thirds of the shops are makan places?

And even after a heavy dinner, there's a myriad of places to go and get your sweet tooth on - one of them being nydc (New York Dessert Cafe) - a home grown (educated guess) restaurant/cafe with six locations in Singapore.

Ahem :) ... the darling and I are in the Holland V outlet for dessert, so no comments on the food that's also available on the menu. Instead, we share a Solid Gold ($10.50) which is Goldmine cheesecake with double chocolate chip ice cream, warm chocolate fudge sauce and crushed chocolate chips. Too much chocolate? Never!

I'm always amazed at people who drink coffee at nights. How can you sleep after taking all that caffeine? No problems for us tonight though, we're going caffeine free with a Chocolate Milk Elephanccino (SGD7.30). Like its name suggests, it's hot chocolate milk with a huge mound of cream and some marshmallows. Nice, warm and comforting, although it does taste exactly like milk (rather than hot chocolate).

Came away pretty satisfied - we'll definitely come back again to try the food items on the menu as well to see if it's worth dinner'ing here before desserts!

NYDC has six outlets - Holland V, Wheelock Place, Bugis Junction, Velocity @ Novena Square, Tampines 1 and Bedok Point. Check out their website for full address details.

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  1. looks like you guys are having a whale of a time eating your way through the city! yeah, i guess you could actually spend a whole year there and still not be able to finish checking out all the worthwhile restaurants, ya :D