Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Korean BBQ in Holland V - Hansang Korean Charcoal Barbecue

Harlow from Singapore! And specifically, from that expat & yuppie hang-out area, Holland V. Absolutely no relation to anything Dutch. But anyways, we had a hankering for some charcoal bbq'ed meaty goodness, so we headed over to Hansang Korean Charcoal Barbecue Restaurant for our fix!

What sets Hansang apart from all the other Korean BBQ places we've been at are the choices of 'higher-end' meat available on offer - if your wallet's up for it, there's black angus and wagyu beef on the menu.

We're can't shake the sgd/myr exchange rate off the back of our minds though so we settle for an order of Sam Gyub Sal (pork belly meat, SGD25.00) and an order of Kurobuta Loin (Black Berkshire pig loin, SGD35.00).

Drinks - Roasted Barley (SGD1.50) and Yuja Tea (SGD4.20) with the side dishes that are ubiquitous (big word power) at any Korean BBQ meal.

Dinner turned out to be very satisfying - the pork was fresh and nice. We thought it was a bit odd that the waiter started off the grilling of the meat and then just disappeared without saying anything - leaving us to flip and cook the pork. I suppose on the bright side you're able to control how well done you like your food.

We also thought that the restaurant was a bit kiam siap overall. For almost $40/pax, no free flow roasted barley, or even cold water? And not to mention the uber mini-sized side dishes, each one finished in two chopstick grabs and have to ask for refills.

Hansang is in Holland V, at the moment it's not accesible by MRT, so you'll have to either use the Route Planner to find out which bus to ride. Or just take a cab!


  1. Waaaah. Look at the layers of fats on the pork - decadent yummy-ness! :D

  2. i've never had korean in singapore before! looks like a real treat! :D