Sunday, June 19, 2011

Exotic Gourmet brewed coffees at the Coffee Club!

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You wouldn't be surprised if I told you coffee was one of the most widely-consumed beverages in the world. In fact, over 7 million tons of the stuff is produced annually. If you're like me, though, your knowledge of the varieties of coffee stops at knowing the differences between an espresso and a cappucinno. There are joints where you can dabble into way more detail than that - and today we're trying one of the mass market varieties - The Coffee Club!

Naturally, coffee takes center stage here, with blends available from all over the world such as Colombian Supremo, Kenyan AA and Aged Sumatra Mandheling. I go for a cup of the Jamaican Blue Mountain, which is a whopping SGD11.50. It smells wonderful, and being freshly brewed, has none of the bitterness of a coffee that's been sitting in the pot all day.

The darling's Toffee Coffee Blend at SGD6.80 is a disappointment in comparison - it tastes more like a vanilla/toffee drink with just a hint of coffee.

The Coffee Club also has a pretty wide variety of food on offer as well, so we stomached-up and ordered some of their specialties:

We found all the dishes uniformly disappointing, although it is pretty cheap at around SGD15.00 for main courses. Lots of complaints - dry beef, dry mashed potatoes, tasteless un-marinated, chicken wings, etc. For a restaurant chain of this size it's pretty amazing how poor the food is.

Add in to that the faux pas of getting the appetizers (the chicken wings) served after we'd already finished our mains, and it ends up being a pretty poor meal overall.

The Coffee Club has almost 30 locations throughout Singapore - check out their website for the full list. I'd recommend dropping by if you'd like to sample different brews from around the world, but definitely give the food a miss.

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  1. oooh, they have branches in kl, rite. i think i tried one on the upper level of kinokuniya at klcc. and the one in the front of fahrenheit 88 should be a branch too ... though probably the food menu might be different...