Sunday, June 26, 2011

Marché VivoCity - Swiss buffet-style goodness.

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Marché is a Swiss chain of restaurants that have outlets in a dozen countries spread over Europe and Asia. The concept is simple - it's set up like a buffet with multiple cooking stations and bread, dessert and drinks stands, but instead of paying a fixed price, you only need to pay for what you eat for.

The Marché outlet in the Curve in KL uses a card-and-stamp system, but the ones here in Singapore use an electronic card. Personally I prefer KL's system - it just feels more hygienic since I don't have to handle a card that's been passed between hundreds of hands.

That's just a minor quibble though, so let's go explore the food that's on offer!

Starting with the drinks, there's a selection of juices and fruity teas, and some 'western' soft drinks. The darling and I are delighted that there's our favorite soda - Bundaberg Ginger Beer (which is from Australia ... so ... not strictly 'Western').

Special mention to the grill station where you've got choices of sausages, rib-eye steaks and lamb chops - the meats here are grilled surprisingly well. We asked for our lamb chops medium and they arrived perfectly cooked, nice and tender, and delicious!

The cream pasta also needs a special mention - but only to warn you to stay away. It tasted as if the chef stirred cream into pasta and then forgot any other condiments.

Overall, we come away pretty satisfied. Marché does suffer a little from that problem common to most buffets - too many varieties resulting in food that is solid but not outstanding. Prices are quite reasonable, though, and it's a nice, lively and cheerful place (if a tad bit noisy). Come early if you want to avoid needing to queue behind a few dozen people, and also do note that they don't seat partial tables - everyone needs to turn up before they'll let you in.

Marché has two outlets in Singapore. To get to the VivoCity outlet take the city's MRT to the Harbourfront station.


  1. Hmm.. I'll check this place next time I will visit Vivo City.

  2. I personally prefer Marche in Singapore more than the one over here in Malaysia. Haha.

  3. ahhh, a major advantage that singapore's marche has over the curve's ... pork knuckles! :D

  4. I've often wondered about this place when I walked past it at The Curve. Although there is too many good food outlets offered there which win my attention rather than Marche.

  5. No doubt I like the Pork Knuckles here then the one in Lot 10 Hutong... <3

    The lamb cooked at Medium taste awesome!

    I wanna go back for more........................

  6. @Chong/Sean: The drawback of eating in SG is that at peak times you get some crazy dozens-of-people queues though. Marche no exception :(