Friday, June 24, 2011

Is this Product good?::: Instant Chicken Curry Sauce / Prencah Kari Ayam Segera! ***Must try*** Mak Nyonya

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At times when you're overseas and want have some good Asia Food or you wanna stir up a few delicious and sophisticated dish to impress your family and guest. Lazy to go through all the trouble shopping, preparing all the fine ingredients needed for this dish?

Here is a plan from me. I'll love to start sharing and introducing all of you to some of the instant cooking products that can be purchased in supermarkets close to you!
Would give you advice to "Stay Away" or "Go For It!"

With these available in the market... **Anyone can cook** :)

Today introduction will be the Mak Nyonya Brand -- Instant Chicken Curry Sauce / Prencah Kari Ayam Segera! Must try~~~~~~

Check out the results!

Chinese Style Chicken Curry

All you need is just to purchase these ingredients behind the package, adding what else you love to have in your Chicken Curry.

Follow the instructions behind and you will never go wrong! Serve with warm rice. Just this one dish will make a perfect meal.

Dear & me love and enjoy the thickness of the curry and the aromatic flavors. It had me going for a second serving of rice and dear THREE servings in total!

Don't worry if there is any leftovers!
Take it to the boil, let it sit to cool.
Store it in the fridge for the next day consumption or freezer for longer shelve life.

Don't feel like rice again? There is another alternative way. Is to have Curry Noodles. Boil 1 hard boil egg for each serving. It's just a perfect curry for either your choice.

Chinese Style Chicken Curry

I'll be sharing my personal chicken curry recipe soon!

Look out on the shelves at your nearest supermarket for Mak Nyonya Brand -- Instant Chicken Curry Sauce / Prencah Kari Ayam Segera!

Chinese Style Chicken Curry

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  1. heheh, i love how you added the hard-boiled egg to the recipe. that's like the icing on the cake! :D

  2. good stuff!! eating it now actually, easy to cook/prepare! thanks :D

  3. Sean @: hehe... hard-boiled egg does goes really well with Curry Mee... ^^

    samelee86 @: woo.... seriously! Cool... you boost my confidence in starting this new recommendation/stay away corner...
    I hope I can share more products reviews for easy cooking soon!

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