Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Roasting Exploration ::: Chinese Style BBQ Pork / Char Siu / 叉燒 (叉烧)

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Chinese Style BBQ Pork / Char Siew (Char Siu) / 叉燒 (叉烧)

Wondering how to make sure lovely Chinese Style BBQ Pork / Char Siu / 叉燒 (叉烧)??? So many names for it... One of the very love Roasting Meat among Chinese!

Buy 500g of Pork with slight fats (a must) cut them into 1 inch thick and 3 inch in length. Make sure the sizes of the Pork is same so it will be evenly cooked and not turning some dry. Rinse them and pat dry with kitchen towel. Put in enough Lee Kum Kee Char Siu Sauce, mix and enough to cover all your pork.

NOTE**Marinate this 3 hours or more ahead of Roasting time for more flavored Char Siu.

It's easy because Lee Kum Kee Char Siu Sauce 李锦记叉烧酱 is available! Another long serving trusting sauce to use.

Chinese Style BBQ Pork / Char Siew (Char Siu) / 叉燒 (叉烧)

I marinated mine overnight in the fridge!

Pre-heat oven to 220°C.
Prepare a aluminium foil basket (like in the below picture) for the Char Siu to sit in so no tough crusty washing needed after all roasting, JUST THROW IT AWAY...

Chinese Style BBQ Pork / Char Siew (Char Siu) / 叉燒 (叉烧)

Check on the pork, on and off and turn it every 5mins. When you see the corners of nearly all the Char Siu are slightly Burn/Charcoal then you're almost done. Turn off the oven and let the Char Siu sit in there for another 5-10mins while the oven cool itself.

Take it out and slice them up and arrange it nicely to be serve.

Chinese Style BBQ Pork / Char Siew (Char Siu) / 叉燒 (叉烧)

You can make extra, slice thinly and add it to your Fried Rice! Lovely~~~

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  1. gosh, i didn't realize that homemade char siew could look that great! let me know if you ever open your own non-halal cafe, ya :D

  2. omg that looks AMAZING! Like Sean just said, I can't believe its actually home made!
    An auntie gave me a recipe for char siu using home made sauce, it's also very sticky, sweet and delicious.
    My favorite part is the crunchy, caramelised slightly burnt edges :D

  3. Thanks Sean & SneakyLily... :)
    I'm pretty impress as this was my 1st try roasting this!

    Sean @: It is always a dream. If i really do open I'll invite you to blog for me every time i got new dishes... >.<

    SneakLily @: home made sauce? share share. post the recipe on your bloggie. I would love to try from scratch someday.

  4. i made this! just added chopped garlic and pepper and it turned out so delicious and the best part was it was sooo easy!

    1. OO... i should try adding chopped garlic & pepper like you! ^.^ Thanks for sharing...