Saturday, October 26, 2013

Chawanmushi with Angry Bird Fishcake, Prawns, and Shiitake Mushroom

2 Chawanmushi Cups
2 Eggs
320ml of Filtered Water / Dashi Stock / Chicken Stock
2 tablespoons Soya Sauce
1 tablespoon Mirim / Chinese Rice Wine
4 pieces of peeled Prawns
4 tablespoons of Filtered Water
2 Angry Bird Fishcake
1/2 sliced Shiitake Mushroom
Water for steaming

Pre-cook peeled Prawns
Step 1 Heat up a pan.
Step 2 Pour the Filtered Water and place the prawns in.
Step 3 Let it Simmer on both side until it turns slightly white.
Step 4 Remove from pan and set aside.

Chawanmushi Egg Mixture Steps
Step 1 Fill a steamer with water and put it to boil. Note that the cups should 2" above the boiling water.
Step 2 Break eggs into a bowl and stir it gently in a cutting motion to avoid bubbles from forming. Stir till well-mixed.
Step 3 Gradually stir the Filtered Water / Dashi Stock / Chicken Stock into the eggs.
Step 4 Add Soya Sauce and Mirim / Chinese Rice Wine and stir till well-mixed.

Assembling and Steaming Steps
Step 1 Arrange the Prawns, Angry Bird Fish Cake & Shiitake Mushroom in the Chawanmushi Cups.
Step 2 Fill the Chawanmushi Cups with 3/4 full of the Chawanmushi Egg Mixture.
Step 3 Place in the steamer and cover the Chawanmushi Cups.
Step 4 Steam on high heat for 2 minutes then off the fire to let the egg set.
Step 5 Continue steaming for anything 5 minutes on low heat then off the fire to let the egg set. This is to prevent over cooking. Repeat one more time or until the top middle is not watery.
Step 6 Remove Chawanmushi cups from the steamer and set aside to cool for 2 minutes before serving.

Tips: Do not beat the mixture. For a smooth beancurd-like texture and no bubbles too, use the cutting motion while you stir gently.

It's ready to be serve!

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