Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Vanilla Butter Cake (The Famous Mrs Ng SK’s)

Butter cake is one of the staple cake that my family have brought me up with. When young, I'll ask my mom to give me some money to buy bread, butter cake, and snacks from the bread uncle that always come by my house at 5.30pm.

Ever since I enter college, I have never eaten a nice butter cake that will bring back memories. Because of that this is my 1st exploration of butter cake. Heard that this is the best most moist butter cake among all recipe available. We'll see after a few explorations!

Let's dive into this Mrs Ng SK Butter Cake recipe!

Ingredients for Butter Mixture
300g soften Salted Butter
5 Egg Yolks
150g Castor Sugar
260g Self Raising Flour (or 252g Top Flour + 8g Baking Powder)
80g Milk
2 teaspoon of Vanilla Essence

1. Cream Butter with Castor Sugar until pale and fluffy and then add vanilla extract and mix well.
2. Add in one Egg Yolk at a time and wait until it is incorporated.
3. Add half of the flour and mix on low speed until incorporated.
4. Add milk in gradually and mix until well incorporated.
5. Mix in remaining flour.
6. Set aside.

Ingredients for Meringue Mixture
5 Egg Whites
70g Castor Sugar
1/2 teaspoons of Cream of Tartar

1. Mix Castor Sugar with Cream of Tartar.
2. Place the Egg White into a clean and dry mixing bowl.
3. Beat Egg Whites until foamy and gradually pour in Sugar + Cream of Tartar mixture.
4. Beat until it reaches stiff peaks.
5. Set aside.

Combining Butter Mixture and Meringue Mixture and remaining steps
1. Preheat oven at 160°C.
2. Prepare two loaf pans or a 9" baking pan by lining the base and generously grease the sides.
3. Place half of the Meringue Mixture into the Butter Mixture and fold in until incorporated.
4. Fold in the remaining Meringue Mixture into the Butter Mixture.
5. Pour the combine batter into the pre-greased baking pan until reaches the 3/4 level.
6. Place in the oven for 30mins or until golden brown on the top.
7. Test with a Cake tester, if it comes out clean, leave the cake in the oven door slightly open for 10mins.
8. Remove cake from oven and let it rest in the baking pan for 15mins.
9. Turn the cake upside down on a cooling rack & remove the pan.
10. Let it completely cool before storing.

We love this recipe. It's a keeper.


Some tips from us after our 1st attempt:
Cracked Top:
- Oven temperature too high.
- Replacement of self-rising flour with self measure flour + baking powder.

Texture Flaw:
- Meringue failed due to transfer to unclean bowl.
- Meringue failed due to transfer to unclean spatula.
- Meringue failed due leaving it aside too long.
- Folded too vigorously.

Overall Feedback: Soft, Nice, Love the butter taste.

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