Saturday, October 19, 2013

Stir Fried Lettuce with Fermented Bean Curd 腐乳油麦

2 tablespoons of Cooking Oil
4 cloves of sliced Garlic
1 cube of Fermented Bean Curd
2-3 bundles of Lettuce

Step 1 Wash and half lettuce. Do not spin dry.
Step 2 Heat a pan. Add in Cooking Oil.
Step 3 When Cooking Oil is heated up add in Garlic and stir fry till bubbles form slight then add in the Fermented Bean Curd. Press & loosen up the cube.
Step 4 Turn up the heat to high. Throw in the Lettuce and constantly toss it. Remove from fire when the Lettuce turn bright green.

It's ready to serve! Enjoy.

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