Sunday, October 6, 2013

How to store sliced garlic for a longer period?

Prepping meals after a tiring day of work, is always great for it to be quick & easy. For me is the garlic that make me lazy . One will have to peel them then slice them up nicely. It gets worst when your hand stinks after the process!

Tip 1 Remember... Garlic SMELLSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! It stinks up your fridge. What i used is a Daiso bought Tea storage box. It has a double layer cover to lock the garlic smell in.

Tip 2 Garlic can dry out or spoil if kept naturally. Pre-sliced a whole bottle, pour sufficient vegetable oil to slightly cover the garlic, then slightly mix it up. Place it in the fridge.

Since we have been cooking ALOT lately.. A bottle like that normally finishes up in 2 weeks or more.

Hope this tips help. Cut down your meal prepartion time that drains out all the efforts you normally spend on garlic. This will be better off then supermarket's pre-packed garlic that are sliced or fried. That i some of my friend introduced me to buy since I've been complaining about garlic prep.

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