Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hong Kong / Taiwan Square Pineapple Tarts / Shortcakes

Deary's favorite Square Pineapple Tart which he loves so much whenever he sees them sold he will be so tempted to buy. Each cost approx S$2 or S$2.5 at the current market

Ingredients for approx 37 tarts
1kg Pineapple Jam
360g Salted Butter
60g Icing Sugar
6 Egg Yolks
1.5 tablespoons Condensed Milk
570g All Purpose Flour
90g Full Cream Milk Powder
Square Pineapple Mould

Step 1 For convenience on the assemble part. Shape the Pineapple Jam and layer them with plastic for easier removal.
Step 2 Cream Butter and Icing Sugar until fluffy, add in the Egg Yolks one by one followed by Condensed Milk and whisk until smooth.
Step 3 Premix & sift the All Purpose Flour and Full Cream Milk Powder. Add in to the fluffed mixture part by part. Slowly a dough will be formed.
Step 4 Place the Square Pineapple mould on top of a Silicon Mat or Baking Paper. Similarly to Tart dough. Press the dough to surround the bottom & sides (full to the top) of the mould. Sometimes you have to do some patching work on the sides.
Step 5 When done, place in the square shaped Pineapple Jam then press it to avoid gaps.
Step 6 Cover the Shortcake with more dough. Use a Icing Smoothen Tool to smooth out the top. Like shown in the picture below.
Step 7 Pre-heat the oven to 165°C. (For my moulding timing, I preheat before I reach at the final 6 of the tray's capacity.
Step 8 Bake for approx 23 to 25 mins. Until slightly golden brown then remove from oven.
Step 9 Let it cool in the tray for 10mins. then flip up it over to remove the Square Pineapple Shortcakes from the Mould.
Step 10 Lastly, ensure that it is totally cool before storing it in a air tight container.

We was so anxious that these Pineapple Jam Photos are taken on the 1st batch where i'm still figuring out how to mould the dough perfectly. If you notice Step 4 I have highlighted to build a wall up to the top of the mould. If you do it, you'll have a perfect tart!


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  1. Hi! Your Taiwan Square Pineapple tarts look so yummy and beautifully done. May I know where do you get your mould from? Would like to bake them myself. Thanks!

    1. Hi Yvonne, we bought the mould from a wholesale bakery shop. You can find tons of things there. If you're in Singapore drop by Phoon Huat. I got mine there. ^_^

  2. Hi. Its look so yummy. May i know where to get the mould?

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