Sunday, May 15, 2011

Barbecued Goodness at Uncle R Original Charcoal BBQ Restaurant!

Uncle R (R for Ronnie) Original Charcoal BBQ Restaurant in Sri Petaling has a large charcoal BBQ grill outside on the walkway, where Ronnie (owner and chef) grills his meats. It feels nostalgic, sort of reminding me of younger days when we'd get together with a BBQ pit and some charcoal, spend an hour starting the fire to grill marinated chicken wings, and wash it all down with soft drinks (ice in a Coleman cooler box, of course).

(Wow, that made me sound hella old)

Ahem, enough reminiscing. Anyways, if you're hankering for charcoal BBQ/grill meats, but feel that organizing a BBQ is way too much hassle, head over to Uncle R and get him to BBQ it for you!

Drinks are decently priced - the large watermelon juice below was MYR5. Kedondong (Golden Apple for you non-Malaysians) juice was part of the set dinner, but more on that later.

The darling orders the Twin BBQ Sausage (MYR9.00). This comes with a plain chicken sausage, and a chicken-with-cheese sausage. The gravy was nice and flavorful, but the sausages themselves weren't particularly special, being very obviously 'off the counter' somewhere (rather than being home-made).

I order the set dinner (MYR28.00), which in addition to the kedondong juice, opens up with mushroom soup and some garlic toast. The soup was par for the course, and the garlic toast was exactly how I remembered eating it during a childhood BBQ (that is to say, it was cold and soft).

The grilled meats platter that comes with the set dinner was a very bittersweet affair. On one hand the chicken, beef and lamb were grilled very, very well, being nice and tender. But on the other hand, they were also overpowered by a 'generic'-tasting black pepper gravy. I'm a huge fan of actually tasting my meats, rather than having the same black pepper gravy taste for everything.

Set dinner finishes with coffee/tea, and ice cream with a pasar malam wafer. Exactly as interesting as it looks/sounds.

Verdict? Prices are reasonable, and Uncle Ronnie is a friendly, chatty chap. But the food is just average-tasting, and unless you're ketagih-ing some meat BBQ'ed over a charcoal BBQ pit, there really isn't any reason to come here to eat.

If you are in the mood to take a nostalgic trip to BBQ cook-outs, though, then I don't know of any other place anywhere in Kay-El that'll give you as close an experience as Uncle R.

Uncle R
49 Jalan Radin Anum 1,
Taman Sri Petaling,
Kuala Lumpur


  1. I love BBQ looks good!

  2. Pete > I love BBQ's - there's just something special about the whole process of starting a fire, fanning it, letting the charcoal set, then grilling the meat and eating ... but it's a huge effort, hehe ... Uncle R, got the taste and nostalgia without any of the fuss :)