Saturday, May 14, 2011

Moo Cow Frozen Yoghurt - Opening Day for the Gardens Mall Outlet.

Moo Cow Frozen Yoghurt has just opened a new outlet in Kay-El ! They're on the third floor of the Gardens Mall, right in between Sushi Zanmai and Fong Lye (Taiwanese Restaurant). I was told that this was their third outlet, but the pretty lady didn't know where the second outlet is (uncle google only tells me about the one in Hartamas Shopping Centre).

Anyway as of the opening day, they've got two 'seasonal' flavours - wheatgrass and root beer - in addition to their 'original' flavour. What the darling and I liked was that the frozen yoghurt had a very distinct 'yoghurty' taste. I mean, what's the point of having frozen yoghurt that just tastes like ice cream, right?

Prices are reasonable too - original is MYR9.90 (seasonal flavors MYR10.90), which gives you a hefty serving of creamy frozen yoghurt, and a topping of your choice. You can then add on even more toppings to your heart's content at MYR1.00 each.

Today being opening day, there were a trio of ... milkmaids handing out frozen yoghurt samples - we also tried the root beer sampler - which tasted very interesting but also reduced the creaminess a little by imparting a certain 'iciness' to the frozen yoghurt.

So, if you're in Mid Valley or the Gardens and have a hankering for something sweet and cold, do drop by and pay a visit for some creamy healthy frozen yoghurty goodness!


  1. Its in Plaza Damas. :)

  2. Ah thanks anon! Got that on Google too but I just assumed it was the same as the Hartamas Shopping Centre one (cos the two places are like ... next to each other).

  3. yes. gardens is the second outlet.