Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ah Khai Char Siew Chicken Rice in Simon Delights is a fake!

Just a very quick and easy Sunday Afternoon update. Ah Khai Famous Char Siew Chicken Rice has moved earlier this month from Simon Delights restaurant, to Restoran Mei Yen which is just a few blocks down the street. Here's Ah Khai himself standing at his new stall at the new place.

The Char Siew is as good as before, and it's also as fatty as before - don't order the 'pun fei sou' if you don't have a high tolerance for fats, because it's *very* fat. Price also seems to have risen a bit - it's rm7 per portion now. Still worth it!

Here's the thing though, the darling and I drove past his old stall at Restoran Simon's Delights, and his old stall is still there, with signboard and everything, just that it's being operated by different people now.

Quick summary then:
Ah Khai Famous Char Siew Chicken Rice in Restoran Mei Yen = Legit.
Ah Khai Famous Char Siew Chicken Rice in Restoran Simon's Delights = Fake!

Previous full post is here: Ah Khai Famous Char Siew Chicken Rice.


  1. Had lunch at the new stall that replaced 'Ah Khai's' char siew rice and it taste sucks! Asked the owner where's the old stall and he told he had closed down his business! WTH...

    Thanks for the info and I will never go back to Simon's Restaurant again.

  2. Thanks for sharing us the real story. We'll go to the real one next time.

  3. @Anonymous/Pet: Yeah, the WORST thing is that even though Ah Khai already moved, the owner of the current place "re-open" and still use his old stall signboard! wtf!!

    I was talking to Ah Khai and he said that he got evicted by the owner ...

  4. Dear all buddy,

    If your guys really went to the simone restaurant eat the char siew rice recently, than think you guy will change wat in your mind. i can say is the best in malaysia. Do go back n try than u comment again.