Friday, May 20, 2011

iMASTravel - Editorial Training in Yahoo! South East Asia.

Here am I, indeed! Yuven, Emila and I, the three winners for the IMASTravel contest, travelled to Singapore yesterday to be hosted by Yahoo! SEA's editorial team!

We're hosted by Karen, the editor who'll be overall in charge of the IMASTravel website where we'll be writing about our upcoming travels - stay tuned for details of the website launch!

Back to the day at Yahoo! though, where here's Karen bringing us on a tour of the Yahoo! SEA office, together with Malini, Media Relations from Malaysia Airlines.

After the tour, we settle down in one of the meeting rooms (named after Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors), for some serious talk - check out Yuven's serious face!

So after some tips, pointers and instructions on how to write for an online audience, a short chat with Jonas on social networking, and some more touring, playing with nerf guns, abusing the free drinks and a short photo session, we adjourn to check out the nearby KTM station!

Interestingly enough, the KTM station is technically on Malaysian-owned land - which is why there's a small branch of the Malaysian police in the station. Apparently if you commit a crime in the station, you're governed by Malaysian law and your case will be handled by the Malaysian police (instead of the Singaporean police).

This arrangement is coming to and end in a couple of months though - Malaysia will be returning the land to Singapore, in exchange for some other land, probably in some prime locations elsewhere on the island.

Day trips are tiring because of the amount of time spent travelling, but this trip was really productive! Yahoo! and Malaysia Airlines obviously have very high expectations and ambitions for our travel writings on the Yahoo IMASTravel page - to which I'm hopeful we'll be able to deliver some interesting stories.

In the end though, you'll be the judge of whether we've succeeded, so join us on our journey over the next few months - more information to come, so stay tuned!

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  1. Ti Ming! It was fun yesterday, kan? Getting tips from them is truly priceless!