Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Family Firearms Fun Time at the Klang Shooting Club.

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If you've been following the pro-democracy uprisings in the Middle East, you might have come across a small little sidenote about Yemen, where more than half the population own a gun. That's a pretty scary statistic, and according to Gallup, even higher than the U.S.'s 40% (The U.S. has the right to bear arms enshrined in their Constitution).

No worries about that in Malaysia though - thankfully gun ownership (whether legal or otherwise) is very much controlled. If you'd like to get some gun action on a recreational basis, there are quite a number of gun clubs/associations around the country that'll let you get your fix in a safe and controlled environment.

So anyways a bunch of us got together the other day and took a short road trip to the Klang Shooting Club along Jalan Paip, for an introductory teaser to the world of recreational shooting. No problems for the newbies in our group - the club members were on hand to give us some basic training/pointers, and to also keep a watchful eye. No hanky panky allowed as the 'shooting range' ammo we were using can still cause a pretty bad case of death if used improperly.

For rm99.50 per person, we got to shoot 6 shotgun shells ...

... and 20 9mm handgun rounds.

What surprised me most of all was the amount of recoil coming off the shotgun. Even with the proper stance, firing off 6 shells managed to give me a slight bruise on the chest/shoulder area. Was still great fun, though :)

If you're interested in joining the club, it's MYR500 entrance fee plus MYR180/year - which then gives you free gun and booth rental, you just need to pay for your ammo (MYR50 for 80 9mm rounds). Among the guns they have are 9mm handgun (Glock 17), .22 handgun, .308 revolver and a couple of shotguns. No rifles or anything exotic, though :) Otherwise if you just want an introductory class/session, get in touch with Mr Liang at 016 205 8877.

Oh and of course we had a little competition. 10 shots from 5 metres - the darling scored 66, I scored 44!

Klang Shooting Club
Near SRK Meru 2,
Jalan Paip,


  1. Love shooting, been to the one in Subang a couple of time....

  2. Hi, can you post the GPS location?

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