Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thank you for supporting me in the IMASTravel contest!

About a month and a half ago I took part in the IMASTravel contest - basically a travel blogging contest, run by Malaysia Airlines and Yahoo! SEA. Since then until the end of the voting period I've been incessantly bugging you guys to help me by voting for it, and I ended up with about 420 votes. Decent enough, until you compare to some of the other entries which had over 4,000 votes! So I was resigned to the fact that it was a lost cause, until being very pleasantly surprised at the awards presentation luncheon when I won third place!

Turns out that voting comprised 30% of the overall score, with the remainder coming from the judges :) ... you can read my entry here: Timing Visits A Maasai Village In Kenya And Comes Away Unharmed! (don't mind me on the video, was damn nervous cos I'm not a TV presenter kind of guy :P)

For my efforts, I get to go fly to Singapore for editorial training run by Yahoo!, then whisked off to two 5d4n trips to Perth and Tokyo, and then get to write about it on my personal travel page on the Yahoo! portal!

Just a short post then, to give huge thanks to thenomadGourmand (I learned of the contest from her), Standard Chartered who sent me to Africa on business so I could also leisure, the darling who was my 'marketing manager' and spammed her friends daily to vote, and of course the organizers of the contest - MAS Traveller and Yahoo!

Love all you guys/gals, and stay tuned for the stories and photos of our travels in the months to come!

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