Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Appetizer Exploration ::: Cutie Tuna Cherry Tomato Bites

Second appetizer recipe here, Tuna Cherry Tomato Bites~ One of all of our favorite at Mother's Day Dinner! Flavored Tuna being served in Cherry Tomatoes makes it easier and more fun as you just need to pop it in your mouth!

Important to make sure the Cherry Tomatoes used are good-quality with firm, smooth-skin and pinkish orange! If they are green leave it to ripen at room temperature avoiding any sunlight.

This is definitely more towards all of our liking then the Honey Ham Baby Asparagus Roll-Ups. Have fun.......

1 box of Cherry Tomatoes
1 can of Tuna Mayo
1 teaspoon of Chilli Powder
1 teaspoon of Tabasco Sauce
Half inch size Chives for garnishing

1. Wash and soak Cherry Tomatoes for 15mins.
2. Put Tuna Mayo Chilli Powder and Tabasco Sauce in a small bowl and mix well. Place it in the fridge when done.
3. Preparation of Cherry Tomatoes: Cut the top and bottom off slightly for it to sit well when serve. Next is to slice it into half, take a small butter knife and remove all the seed parts leaving it hollow. Reason of doing this we do not want the sourness of the tomato to spoil this appetizer. Rinse it with filter water and shake a little to dry.
4. Take 2 teaspoons, spoon and push the tuna mixture to fill up the hollow tomatoes. Also leave a generous portion of Tuna Mountain!
5. Decorate it with chives. Place it on a nice plate to serve.

A delightful appetizer that will be loved by everyone. :)

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  1. Lots of Tabasco sauce for me!

  2. hehe~ his sisters can't really eat spicy so have to control... you can put more if you want... i believe it will be more awesome!!!

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