Monday, May 23, 2011

J Tean Kitchen - BKT and other Porcine delights at SSTwo Mall

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New malls can sort of be like a chicken-and-egg thing - if there are no shops, nobody comes, and if nobody comes, then shops don't open. And for now, it seems that SSTwo Mall (in ... dun dun dun ... SS2!) is in danger of falling into that catch-22 as it's got barely a third of its' shoplots occupied.

Which is a shame, though, because there are some pretty good new makan places - J Tean Kitchen opened its' doors a month ago and are currently running a 20% discount off everything until the end of May.

No idea where the name comes from, but anyways J Tean is basically a pork lovers paradise, with dishes like ribs, pork pies, bak kut teh and dongpo pork. Deco is nice and airy, although indoors is a bit noisy due to the nearby gymnasium blasting techno music.

Drinks - Rose Flower Tea (MYR4.50) and Jasmine Green Tea with Honey Longan ($2.80).

We try the J Porky Pie (MYR19.90), a fusion dish combining braised chili pork with black sauce, in a pie crust (quite similar to a crossaint-type pastry). We liked this dish quite a bit - it was like a more moist "dry Bak Kut Teh" with a nice chili aftertaste.

Combo 1 Bak Kut Teh (MYR20.90) has pork belly, ribs and stomach in a herby Bak Kut Teh soup. We felt that for KL standards the BKT was above average, however there was a distinct lack of pork flavor in the gravy - understandable since J Tean is not a 'dedicated' BKT restaurant (hence they wouldn't have boiled enough piggy parts to get a really strong taste).

Total bill after 20% discount came up to MYR42.90 for two, which is pretty cheap! If you're in the area, do head down to SSTwo Mall to give J Tean a try - go fast though, the discount is only running til the end of the month.

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  1. hey, we ordered basically the same items! hungry minds think alike, heheh :D

  2. hungry stomachs, too! haha :D